My trip to Croatia

Visiting Dubrovnik and some of the many surrounding islands almost felt almost like stepping into another world.  Croatia is a sub-tropical paradise with centuries of history and beautiful architecture everywhere you look.  

Dubrovnik is especially interesting, as there is architecture from both the Medieval and Baroque periods.  There are countless alleyways and courtyards to explore lined with buildings, churches, and structures with such intricate details and designs.  Some of the alleyways lead directly into the clear blue Adriatic Sea and sunbathers, swimmers, and even cliff divers were lounging on the rocks enjoying the mild weather.  We walked the walls of Dubrovnik and were treated to panoramic views of the old city, the sea, and the mountains. 

Another highlight was taking a ferry from Dubrovnik to explore a few nearby islands.  The lush foliage against the dramatic, rocky landscape was incredible.  Each little village had its own unique charm.  The people were very friendly and kind and the food was delicious and fresh.  Visiting this area was such a blessing and I hope to return some day!

Film processed and scanned by: The Goodman Film Lab