Moody Studio Boudoir Inspiration

Over the summer I had some time to work on a few creative projects (which are so important to make time for as an artist in general). If you know my work, you know I love all things light and airy film photography, but I wanted to take a trip to the dark side and came up with this look with Conner.

I haven’t done studio work in years and I haven’t done film in the studio since college… and I’ve never done color film in the studio, so I wasn’t quite sure how this would turn out but loved the idea enough to give it a shot. I used Lomography and Portra 800 for this and pushed all of the film by at least one stop. The setup was pretty simple with a single hot light and softbox and a beauty light on a hand painted backdrop.

We went HEAVY on the eye makeup, as the grunge look of the 90’s was a big inspiration. Some other inspirations included sirens (the mermaid kind) and stormy days at sea. This shoot is definitely different then my usual style but I still absolutely love it. You really can do so many looks with boudoir!

Model: Conner Ann Waterman - Wilhelmina | Blazer: Express | Bodysuit: Victoria’s Secret
| Makeup: me! | Film Scans and Processing: Goodman Film Lab