Amanda- Sheer Lace Bridal Jumpsuit Shoot in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

Amanda and John were married last year (check out their wedding here!)  It was a glamorous affair that Amanda rocked two separate looks for, a beautiful Hayley Paige wedding gown for her ceremony, pictures, and first dance, and then a stunning sheer lace jumpsuit that she commissioned from Argie Mirta for the reception.

Amanda was too busy dancing the night away for me to pull her away for the kind of shoot that this jumpsuit deserved, so I was so excited when she wrote to me and told me she'd be in town and wanted to shoot in the jumpsuit!

Keith Heissler slayed Amanda's makeup!  Between the makeup, her rose gold hair, and the fabulous jumpsuit, I felt like I was shooting a unicorn fairy princess bride!  I'm absolutely obsessed with this whole look!


Bridal Jumpsuit: Argie Mirta | Crown and Jewelry: Kleinfeld Bridal | Makeup: Keith Heissler | Leather Jacket: Theory - Hand Painted by Grant Thorton | Film Scans and Processing: Goodman Film Lab