Valentine's Day Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Krystal is one of my closest friends and a photographer herself, so I was extra excited for this Valentine's Day inspired Boudoir shoot!  Let Destiny Design provided a ton of roses in various shades of pink and purple and we took full advantage of them.  I LOVE shooting with flowers... in case you couldn't tell ha!

This shoot is a perfect example of how I feel Boudoir photography should be done.  When you keep things simple yet elegant, they remain timeless and allows the true focus to be the beauty of the subject.  I love using soft natural light with film for Boudoir... you truly cannot beat the skin tones and romantic mood that film captures.  

 If you haven't considered booking a boudoir shoot, you really should!  They are not only a gift to your significant other, but also a gift to yourself and I shoot them year round- not just on Valentine's Day! 

Blooms: Let Destiny Design | Film Scans and Processing: Goodman Film Lab

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